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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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infrastructure to create out reach, should we need it, and we have excellent partners who will spend time writing grants. i would say, categorically, nail salons should not be expecting a new fee in order to implement the program. supervisor chiu: ok. surely, we will hear from the help the nail salon collaborative, who has worked as a partner to help the department reach the required outcomes. if i could now ask -- i am not sure if i see regina from the office of small business. i understood she was going to come. i would just mention, the small business commission voted in favor of this. we understand, they will also assist in out -- and provide assistance to owners who are looking for technical assistance in this area. let me now ask a couple of
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representatives from the help the nail salon collaborative to come up. -- healthy nail salon collaborative to come up. supervisor chiu: you may want to tilt it down, so people can see it on the screen.
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exactly. >> good morning. thank you for the opportunity to be here. healthy nail salon collaborative. we are proud sponsors of the ordinance. we are here today because we believe that this ordinance is an important and crucial step we are here because we are concerned about the toxic trio of chemicals that can be found in polishes, including top and base coat. formaldehyde is used as a preservative and antibacterial agent. it is a known carcinogen. we know that repeated exposure to it at low levels can also
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cause as much as well as a ledger dermatitis. toluene is a solvent that can be toxic to a developing fetus. it is used to make the polish go on easier. neurologically, it can cause headaches, memory loss, when you have long-term exposure. it can also compare one's ability to learn. then there is dibutyl phthalateí that is there to prevent polish from chipping. that has been linked to an adverse reproductive and developmental a fax, particularly to the male reproductive system. dibutyl phthalate has actually been banned in the european union, including exelon products. i have brought today a sampling of different nail polishes, including topcoats and base coats, that can be found in san francisco nail salons. we conducted out reach to 60
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nail salons. many of these are common. many salons carry toxic trio- free polishes, but they also have inventory that contains products that have at least one or more of the toxic trio. i wanted to particularly note some of the top coats, a base coat. this one has formaldehyde, this one has dibutyl phthalate and colleen. t toluene. i put these in my closet for a couple of days, and the smell became intolerable. kiçit speaks to the type of exposures that workers and owners of the store are exposed to on a daily basis. no one should be
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the packet that we distributed, there is overwhelming0 for this ordinance. we got 600 people who signed the petition to support the ordinance. of that, there are 100 nail salon workers from san francisco who signed that. also, 300 of them from residents. there is a groundswell of support from organizations here locally in san francisco, but i also wanted to note, it is a national issue. many national organizations in support of this. everyone recognizes that this ordinance is a groundbreaking step for the nail salon community, and will be a great model for other cities to replicate. i will now turn it over to panama. --pam. -- pam. "t"4"4"t"t
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i am the environmental health q to supervise mirkarimi and elsbernd because supervisor chiu sponsored it. californians are over exposed to toxic chemicals. there are more than 80,000 chemicals in the stream of commerce. we only have safety measures for about 2000 of them. fortunately, we have information about these three chemicals. we know they are toxic. consumers do not want toxic chemicals in everyday products. california's green chemistry initiative should be taken care of problem like this, but until the state moves forward with a program that allows quick action on these chemicals, it is up to
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cities like san francisco to step forward. this ordinance is an easier way to make nail salons safe. a manager is a luxury and nobody wants to indulge themselves in a manicure at that the expense of someone else's health. we need a statewide program to protect californians from toxic chemicals. indeed, we need federal legislation to make it safer from the start. for now, san francisco is making an important statement on behalf of nail salon workers. i have no doubt, other cities will follow in our lead, and eventually, all nail salons in california will be toxic trio free. supervisor chiu: thank you. i wonder if someone from the collaborative can talk about what your partnership will entail, what kind of partnerships and activities you will be engaged in? >> we are committed to doing
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outreach to the salons. we will translate any material that we need to. we will work with translating materials into vietnamese or other languages, as necessary. we have already visited 66 salons, and we will continue to do that. we are also helping with the content of the workshop. >> i think we can also assist with ethnic media to get the word out. supervisor chiu: do you have a sense of how many nail salons could participate in this program? >> we will run the workshops on a rolling basis. we hope to run the first one when we have about a dozen folks gather together. supervisor chiu: thank you. let's move to public comment. i have a number of speaker cards. if everyone could line up in the
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center of the aisle. [reading names] two minutes per speaker. >> good morning, everyone. my name is joanna. i am and nail salon owner in san francisco for 10 years. i am here to support this ordinance. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker please? >> i am the person who did the out reach about this program for the california healthy nail salon collaborative program. ii saw that people were really interested in the program. even though a large number of workers and owners were interested in the program, they could not be at the hearing today, but they want me to let them know if this program gets passed. they would like to be contacted for further information in the future. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i am a longtime environmental health advocate working for the healthy nail salon collaborative.
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i applaud the ordinance brought up by the supervisors, and for introducing this ground-breaking ordinance for healthcare nail . i#tómcóyñithrough this ordinan francisco is demonstrating real leadership in keeping the salon work force healthy and safe, that the nail salon industry is an ecy6áájt driver in the asian community. while we know there are a wide chemicals in salon products that may result in the acute or chronic health impacts, prioritizing the elimination of the toxic trio as a top health concern is an excellent first that, given that there are already toxic-free alternative is available in the marketplace. yet, we also know, that there
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are still polishes, topcoats, iwkñrbasecoat, with toxic maters still being used today. through the ordinance, san francisco will work to incentivize salons not to use these products that may,r be potentially harmful to both worker and consumer, ending up in their body and affecting their health. the ordinance is particularly important, given that teenagers and young children areú getting manicures and pedicures. we know that kids are even more vulnerable to the health impacts associated with the toxic trio. for these reasons, i applaud i] consumer health and safety in the nail salon sector, and for once again positioning san francisco as a leader in the health of women. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning.
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i would liks opportunity to share with you my experiences. i have had negative help attacks since working in this industry. recently, every time i go to empty the trash at the salon, when i open up the trash bin to take the garbage out, i cough. i cannot tell what is in it, but i do experienced it. from what i've heard earlier, i would like to support this ordinance. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> [speaking chinese] -- [3÷ speaking vietnamese] >> i am honored to be here at the hearing to give testimony to you today. >> [speaking of vietnamesvietna]
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>> i have been a missile worker for 50 years. i know how toxic this trio is, affecting my life, the people that i know. >> [speaking vietnamese] >> i hope you are going to pass the ordinance today. hopefully, that will replicate in marin county, where i live. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> hello, i am here on behalf of
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the breast cancer fund. we are a national organization but we are based in san francisco and we focus on breast cancer prevention by identifying and advocating for the elimination of the environmental causes of breast cancer. we're also a founding member of the campaign for sit cosmetics. in 2007, california passed a law to require cosmetic manufacturers to list the chemicals used and their products. we also began a campaign against product manufacturers to take out the toxic trio of their products. while these campaigns have been successful, they have been successful only up to a point. product testing shows that the toxic trio is still in many different products and even if they are in some products and not others, the consumer has no way to know what is safe and what is not. i am expecting mother.
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i love to get pedicures. it is one of the few joys you have as you are pregnant. i would love to know that the product being used on maine are safe, especially considering the health affects associated with these chemicals. what we found at the breast cancer fund over our research in the past 15 years is that a little toxic chemical is never okay. you are never exposed to just one toxic chemical. it adds up over time, and mixes with others. it is one thing if you are a consumer, but quite another if you are a worker, being around these chemicals for up to 10 hours a day. i want to applaud you for bringing this ordinance forward. i hope this ordinance is replicated across the country. i urge the board to support this measure. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good morning. my name is kimberly irish. we are also members of the california healthy nail salon collaborative. we support this ordinance because it encourages nail salons to prioritize worker and consumer health. we thank you for introducing this ordinance, supervisor chiu. we hope that it passes. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is alicia harris. i am also part of breast cancer action. one of our areas is to educate and due out reach about the influence of involuntary exposure is to toxins on health. as well as having a professional interest in this topic, i am
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also a resident of san francisco. i pass by a number of nail salons to and from work every day. i notice every day when i pass burn, the smell lingers for a long time. and this is just walking by outside. when i think about that every working inside for up to 10 hours a day. i have the opportunity to cross the street or take a different route to work, but that is not something thati i am grateful, supervisorzb chi, for the introduction of this ordinance. i hope it passes. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am here on behalf of work safe.
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i am here to express our support for the ordinance. i am also a resident of san francisco. i am here to support it as an individual resident. we work to help people advocate for a self -- safe and healthy workplace. we support the ordinance because it will encourage the use of safe products. there are approximately 1800 workers in the nail salon industry in this city. as we have heard, they are in the process of implementing a dream chemistry initiative, which will protect californians from harmful chemicals. however, the process has taken a long time to implement a meaningful protections that california desert. in the meantime, encouraging the use of safer products is an example of san francisco leading the way to protect its residents, workers, and
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consumers alike, and to provide a model addressing health and safety issues. thank you to supervisor chiu for your sponsorship, and to the rest of the supervisors for your leadership. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. my name is jenny. i would ask that you support the policy. we want a safe and healthy environment for students to learn. we hope that this law will pass. supervisor chiu: if you wish to speak, please speak closer to the microphone. >> good morning. all the superintendent the authority of san francisco business school, our school all
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support the ordinance. we hope the law can pass because of the training for the co-worker like a really safe place. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is fong. i am a manicurist and i'm working at a nail salon. i know that every day we have really hard time to smells and all the chemicals and products. it's really -- i really want to have the safer products for everyone. it's good for people that work like us every day there. and also everyone would be -- have a baby there in their life
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they'll have one or two children. and protect for clients come to us. it's really helpful if we have a safe place to work. and protect for everyone that come to our salon. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is kim. i'm the owner of nova nail spa located on 811 mission street in san francisco. my husband and i, we have been our nail spa, we using the recycles, recycling materials. also we using all the nail products is natural. we don't do the acrylic at all.
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anything in our nail spa is -- we are using nail polish remover, it's nontoxic, lotion and cream. everything. so basically we are already green. i think this is a very important for myself. and the worker at my salon, for example. i would like to -- i'm here today so i think this ordinance will improve the health of the nail salon worker. i hope the city will approve. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is chris. i'm with arabian law caucus.
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my organization is a member of the arabian american center for advancing justice. we are a co-sponsor of this ordinance. i'm also a resident of district five. i wanted to offer a few comments this morning from a civil and human rights perspective about the importance of the proposed program. everyone in the city deserves access to a clean and safe work environment. this is especially the case in local nail salons where extended periods of exposure to toxic chemicals is common. a california occupational mortality study indicated, for instance, that cost mowtologist vs. a 1.8 times greater incidence rate of breast cancer. this proposed program is essential because the regulatory agencies at the federal level such as the f.d.a. do not conduct independent premarket assessments on personal care products like nail products. san francisco is taking an important step in making nail salons healthier and safer. for the vietnamese community, small business and nail salons in particular are an important economic force. for the last several years my
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colleagues at a.l.c. have worked hard to establish key relationships in the community to build support for this initiative. this recognition approach is a much needed step to making the industry sustainable for the work force and lays an important foundation for increasing health and safety standards for san francisco workers, business owners, and consumers. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is henry and i work at a nail salon. i think 24 program--this program will help nail salons have a healthier salon environment and i think this is a good idea for nail salons.
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supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. could you pull your microphone back. >> my name is nip. i work at the nail salon in san francisco.
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i feel bad that i don't understand a lot of everything that was said, but then i couldn't understand -- i don't want to repeat this again. however i think this is a really good program that can help for everyone's health working in salons. [speaking in foreign language]
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>> i want to get to the problem that we could talk to the manufacturers to reduce the concentrations and the chemicals inside nail products. especially nail polish that once you open and you start coughing. she just wants to reduce the concentrations or toxicity in that so she won't have to cough anymore. she think the program would really help for everyone's health working in the salon.


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